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From his simple beginning as an amateur producer-turned-DJ in South Jersey, to currently rockin’ some of the hottest clubs, bars, and lounges in Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and Southwest Florida, DJ Hooks has routinely captivated his fans for more than 20 years making them sweat on the dance floor.

Drawing influences from old school hip-hop, house, classic rock, oldies, funk, and soul, his quest to become a DJ led him from playing at frat parties in New Jersey to crossing borders into Areito, Punta Cana’s most popular nightclub.

Acquiring a love for hip-hop at a young age, DJ Hooks attended many shows, open mic nights, and concerts. A particular night in Philadelphia he got the chance to see DJ Premier…and well, it was all uphill from there. His dreams of moving thousands on a dance floor began. He started soaking in as much of the music industry as he could and has since actively pursued his addiction to music.

Getting his first major gig in 1998 at Zoom, DJ Hooks quickly turned a quiet Margate, NJ hang out into the hottest nightspot at the shore. With his late 80’s and early 90’s hip-hop inspiration along with his broad musical taste, professional experience, and obsessively extensive music library, DJ Hooks has found success in his versatility and ability to feel out the crowd and keep them moving all night long. Being well-versed in a variety of techniques and genres, including his own productions and remixes, DJ Hooks has risen to the top of the charts. Famous for his exclusive mash-ups, he garnered the top spot in DJ record pools and his music is featured on where his spotlight shines as an official Beatfreakz artist.


From a time when vinyl ruled the industry to a now primarily digital experience, his passion and a deep interest in music keep him on top of the game. DJ Hooks has won numerous DJ Battles in Philadelphia and Atlantic City and dominated venues such Anthem Lounge, Providence, Dusk, Déjà Vu, Club Tru, Studio, The Chelsea, Cuba Libre, Denim, Valley Forge Casino, Toga Bar, Vision Bar (Sands Casino Bethlehem, Pa), Taylor’s, Red Sky, Mission Grill, Public House, Egypt, and Mad River, just to name a few. Traveling down south to a few of Florida’s biggest hot spots like Dash, 1527, Voda and Passion Nightclub at Hard Rock Casino and Hotel, DJ Hooks has played alongside the likes of DJ Supersede, voted Miami’s best club DJ, DJ Big Ben (P. Diddy's DJ), DJ Jason Smith (LMFAO's tour DJ) and the Miami Ski Team.


Although best known for his talent as a nightclub DJ, he also expands his realm to other events and occasions. Starting Get Hooked Entertainment in 2011, DJ Hooks has rocked the biggest of mainstream venues to private parties, promotional events, weddings, proms, and corporate parties.

Often quoted as lucky to make his dream come true, DJ Hooks has become unstoppable! DJ Hooks is one of the most talented DJ's New Jersey has seen in a long time! When you hear him in the biggest clubs in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Florida you will get hooked with DJ Hooks.

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